If You Have So Much Waste EPS, Please Don’t Worry

Maybe you have so much waste EPS, but you feel they are trouble and don’t know what to do. Now, don’t worry any longer because INTCO could get rid of your anxiousness. INTCO all types of PS renewable materials and we could make full use of them to make useful products again. And INTCO have GREENMAX machines which are equipped with high-skilled workers, and the machines are sold all over the world. Meanwhile, our engineers will fly abroad to help you if you couldn’t operate them.

Also, INTCO buy all kinds of PS scraps to produce entirely new and practical picture frames. INTCO have their own factory produce picture frames in Shanghai, and the frames are sold at home and abroad. So you could sell the wastes to INTCO. Do you know INCTO recycles 50,000 tons of EPS waste? That’s to say, INTCO is one of the largest EPS waste end-users in the world. Are you still anxious about the waste EPS?

Of-course, we could solve your issues on export. So please don’t hesitate to sell your waste EPS to us if you want to sell the waste EPS. And if you want to handle the wastes by yourself, the GREENMAX machines could offer convenience for you. These machines are durable and could handle lots types of PS materials.

So, are you still worried about your waste EPS now? Now, you have got some details about how to solve so much waste EPS, and you know how to handle them will be much more convenient. INTCO not only have offered you machines, but also could purchase your waste EPS. So any problem is easy to solve, and your worries will become a new way to get benefits and a better choice to should social responsibilities.

From above, it is easy to find waste EPS have a new day because it can be made into all kinds of products which has a great contribution to the build of friendly environment. Especially, this is a career which will be last-long as environmental problems are a permanent topic. Meanwhile, your career will be likely to be supported by local government or citizens.