Main Features Of XPS Hot Melt Machine

Extruded polystyrene foam has high density and high mechanical strength. So it must be needed in lots of fields, and the prospective is very good as the resource is comparative in shortage. But it also is widely use in building of the house insulation, and other use.

Greenmax Recycling can help to recycle waste XPS with foam melt machine. Firstly, put XPS into silo, heating device quickly heated to a certain temperature, then melt extruded XPS foam, and formed to melt scrap. The volume of XPS will be reduced, to facilitate the effect of transport.
XPS processing

Polystyrene densifier are a fast heating apparatus, the principle of XPS melt machine is put to XPS foam within the cutting chamber, so that XPS is heated to melt quickly, and then squeezed densified XPS out of shape by the screw, easy to recycle transport.

XPS hot melt machine main features:

1, saving power: is less 30% than the tube-type power
2, stable performance: complete protection, no worries.
3, the heating speed: no oxide layer, deformation.
4, small size: light weight, easy installation.
5, the sensor from the transformer isolation, security.
6, environmental protection: No pollution, noise and dust.
7, adaptable: various kinds of samples can be heated work piece.
8, temperature and heating time can be precisely controlled. High processing quality.

Polystyrene densifier is mainly applicated in the machinery industry, such as brazing, heat treatment, forging heating. It generally specially selected based on the size of the waste and the production of foam beats requirements.

Greenmax RecyclingMelt machine is widely used in a very wide range, such as EPS, XPS. the price is cheap and power is greater. No matter how large products can be a one-time hot-melt, has a long service life. Hot melt material requirements for the product is not very high, the general basic plastics can be melt.