Styrofoam recycling can be realized by a screw compactor or thermal densifier


It is certain that most of us have experienced online shopping. We buy products varying from snacks or some life commodities, to large pieces of items like furniture or household electrical appliances. Due to the diversified options and competitive price of online goods, the convenient transportation, the prompt and circumspect after-sales services, more and more people are keen on online shopping.

However, as a perfect packaging material, a great deal of Styrofoam are needed to protect some precious, fragile commodities. After completing the mission of packaging, these Styrofoam packages can be seen in the dumping ground on the roadside, or in the dust bin on the street. None of us will care about where they will be sent or disposed, let alone the Styrofoam recycling.


Actually, the Styrofoam is a perfect recyclable material. We may not notice this point for the reason that such material we meet is limited. However, you will must get astonished at the sight of the mountainous Styrofoam. Such Styrofoam, may comes from the substandard defective products in manufacturers, the disposable foam boxes used by seafood procession companies or fish markets, or additionally, in many European and American countries, many furniture or electronic distributors will take away the Styrofoam packages when they have installed customers’ products. 
Sometimes recycling companies may feel helpless more or less when facing so much Styrofoam. Instead of throwing them on the landfill to pollute the environment, the appliance of professional recycling machines can be much more advisable.


Accordingly, GREENMAX recycling is worth to be mentioned as it has screw compactors and thermal densifiers, which, can be regarded as savior to Styrofoam disposal. Though the operating principal is different that one is centered on cold compacting, the other is hot melting, these two kinds of recycling machines can both reduce the bulky volume of Styrofoam and make it into small blocks or ingots.
The volume reduction of Styrofoam by GREENMAX, as has been mentioned above, can not only spare more space for warehouse, but also make its transportation more cost-effective.


The last thing we need is an armchair strategist, to know more exactly about Styrofoam recycling, you need to fumble ceaselessly in practice, through which, GREENMAX recycling can be your best ally.