The present situation of recycling in EPS

In recent years , the recycling of EPS ( expanded polystyrene ) has gained prominence by the relevant departments in our country , and a series of regulations guidance and policy support have been introduced. From the overall speaking, our country has made great achievement in recycling of EPS . The following parts included several methods of recycling in EPS

which reached the practical level and each of them will be elaborated .

(1) A mechanical recycling. In manufacturing plant , the simple regeneration is not only mainly used for scrap , but also easy to clean and recycle disposable waste , its composition is comparatively simple and clean. renewable materials can be used alone or mixed with a certain proportion of new materials , it may also use the existing processes and equipment.

(2) A lightweight and isolated materials . broken material of EPS can also be used to make the light block , interior and exterior insulation mortar and light mortar. By mixing with a certain proportion of rubber clay and EPS and putting them in high temperature , the broken material of EPS is then putted in high temperature and can be made of clay bricks which has high strength and excellent insulation properties.

(3) Chemical recycling. Chemical recycling of EPS foam as to reconcile the feasibility and environmental importance attached method , the method is to decompose the waste EPS foam into monomers , compounds, fuel and other reusable components , making EPS foam recycling truly become a closed loop process .This method has the following advantages compared to mechanical recycling : decomposition of chemical raw materials whose quality can be comparable with the new material ; addition , it has a lot of potential for waste treatment , which can achieve recycling EPS foam can really control the environment pollution.