The question of foam tableware production

"Foam tableware should ban" caused a great attention from all walks of life. According to the news, the national development and reform commission (NDRC) said on May 1, foam tableware is officially released. So, foam tableware industry health and safety production situation how? In mid-April, the reporter privately some foam tableware production enterprises, found that both sources of raw materials and production process, all cannot make the consumer trust.


1. Take turns to use the raw materials, the high-quality materials and the waste materials

According to industry insiders, foam tableware production process is very simple: first the food grade raw material for polystyrene "pull" (processed into more than a meter wide foamed sheet), then use die sheet processed into foam tableware.

2. Someone uses the waste materials as the raw material

Another foam tableware processing factory in Yangzhou, the reporter also found similar problems.
Factory boss tells a reporter, in the factory of the machine funnel every time 30 package materials, including 12 good materials, outsourcing of 8 package waste, 10 package processing back to the furnace charge."Good expected 13700 Yuan per ton, outsourcing waste 8000-9000 yuan per ton."The boss said, if all use good material, so the cost of each boxes have to be up to 8 cents, and poor in material processing cost only 4.5 cents. Where to buy the waste foam and what kind of raw material processing? To this, the two factories are not disclosed.
International food packaging association secretary general dong jinshi, told reporters after the association survey found that a lot of foam tableware production enterprises or even all use imported waste plastics recycling of waste tape box, waste foam boxes, shock absorption, insulation board, advertising board and so on made of reworked material to production, to cover up the extent of waste plastics impurities, some enterprises also artificially to add fluorescent whitening agent of poisonous and harmful and toxic color master batch, its production of foam tableware there are serious security hidden danger, pose great threat to the health of consumers.

3. Re-blows are leftover material processing

In the raw material of foam tableware, part of this charge back, back to the furnace charge re-blows are leftover material produced by sheet during processing.
It reported that, at the same time of processing foam tableware, a connection in crusher directly to the leftover material crushing processing machine, and then through the pipe to the furnace (pelleting machine).Scattered on the ground, by workers to trash them to scrap, finally are together. Workers said that these also should after crushing to the granulator.
Journalists look carefully the granulating process after crushing cutout after process softening into a grey paste, via a dirty black export, into the dark pipes under the ditch; Paste by another machine be drawn into a row of wire thread; Thread through a machine, plastic particles were cut into the size of a grain of rice, appearance and la were used at the same raw material.
"This is recycled materials, that is, their processing waste."Workers told reporters, waste recycled almost 24 hours the machine works, the process of furnace charge amount every day.