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Transformation From Recycling To The Plastic Tycoon

The US environmentalist Biddle is a member of the Basel Action Network, which is a dangerous waste exports monitoring organization. 

In 1992, Biddle began to focus on how to make plastic decompose restored. In the field of "mixed plastics" (including water bottles, milk jugs and plastic bags and a variety of plastic products) is considered to be a dead end. Despite the small part of the mixed plastics has been "demoted use", but most of mixed plastics eventually was taken to the landfill, incineration furnace, or the sea.
Jim Puckett

In recent world, people will use up to 240,000 bags every 10 seconds, the passengers of American Airlines, it takes one million plastic cups every six hours. Plastic consumer discarded total more than 100 million tons each year. In this context, let plastics production and recycling form a closed loop, which can reduce the world's dependence on oil, which is the raw materials of virgin plastic.

Waste plastic recycling, this can affect the oil price and global trade flows. Furthermore, it can significantly reduce the spread of hazardous e-waste in a wide range of Asian and African regions.

It was at that time, MBA Polymers company has stopped the US plastics recycling business where the company can not obtain a stable supply of raw materials, forcing the Richmond plant Beadle converted into a research facility. This is not to say that the consume plastic in Europe is more than America in 2011, the plastic garbage disposal is about 30 million tons, but because the proportion of recycled plastic garbage is more than 25 percent in Europe, while this figure of the United States is less than 10%.

In industrialized countries, the country that national level has not enacted laws to enforce requirements for electronic products and automobile recycling must be carried out in their own country is only the United States. As a result, many plastic garbage from the United States flow to developing countries overseas.

On the other hand, Europe and Asia offered a variety of opportunities to such the person Biddle. EU directives issued to the manufacturer for recycling set specific targets. Beadle cooperated with a number of companies, which guarantees a steady flow of plastic supply. In England, most of the raw materials in MBA Polymers are from the country's largest metal recycling business, a company called European Metal Recyclers.

In fact,Biddle factory was built in London, but the first step of his recycling process happened here with the use of a device plastic crusher: EtaShred metal crusher.

In the yard, we saw three yellow crane grabbed the old BMW and Audi cars, put them into a conveyor belt, then go three up, to reach 8 feet wide "mouth" of the crusher. Heat steam spewing out from the opening, two feed pressure rollers devour the body, crushed them, then delivered into a power of 5,000 hp hammer crusher.

Inside, 16 heavier steel hammer that is 400 pounds weight to 500 revolutions per minute around a rotor repeatedly beat, as if to open the gates of hell. "Basically, the machine is to crush them into pieces."

Carus explained that in internal hammer crusher, auto parts will bounce around and collide hit play until it is broken down into a small piece of metal, and then transported to the screen on the conveyor belt by the choice of materials. Lesser quality materials are vacuum sucked, while heavier materials separated from the steel through magnetic separator. Then, all the materials are transferred to the three categories of material heap. Carus nodded his chin pile of shredder residue, "In the past we put those things to the landfill." He said, "Now we can recycle it."

Biddle went to the Sierra Nevada to do a backpacking trip with his families, he told his two children: Relying on what you have to fight on, use and reuse, is responsible for their own. He has a similar view of the plastic, which is a resource that can be reused If you do not think so, it would condone the behavior of an injury. Now, when we look at the pile of shredder residue, Beadle said: "Most people see this pile of stuff will say they are rubbish, and I see deposits on land."

1) To obtain plastic: Beadle plastic raw materials are mainly from the signing of cooperation waste recycling plant. 
2) Grinding plastic: raw materials are chopped, washed and then ground into confetti-sized particles. 
3) Processing plastic: classified plastic according types and colors Beadle, and then resold them as plastic pellets.

Like mining, the main challenge lies in the plastics recycling target material isolated from the numerous non-target material.

Beadle target material are five categories of durable plastic: ABS (acrylonitrile - butadiene - styrene copolymer), HIPS (high impact polystyrene), HDPE (high density polyethylene), PP (polypropylene) and Filled PP (polypropylene padding). 

Once the non-target material is sieve to get rid of, these five categories must be sorted according to the type of plastic. Different with metal - metal can be classified based on different density, color, conductivity and magnetic - the density of various plastics overlap, and electrical conductivity and magnetism are almost the same.

In the late 1980s, a number of sensational news events began to change Beadle idea for plastics. One incident involved a ship called the Mobro 4000 barge, which Belize roundtrip between New York and five months to find a ship can unload 3,168 tons of garbage.

Nobody wants to receive junk, after a number of investigations, a fierce lawsuit, a temporary restraining order and the confrontation with the Mexican Navy, garbage eventually were shipped back to New York and was on fire. Another incident was involving California, Berkeley, where he became the national first legislation to prohibit the use of polystyrene foam containers region.

Those raw materials of container is Styrofoam, it bothered Biddle. In a more general sense, culture is becoming popular in single-use environment, he knew that his own manufactured plastic will eventually be discarded.Biddle hopes to begin studying how to recycle dispose plastic. So Greenmax Recycling devoted themselves into styrofoam recycling.