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Waste Plastics Recycling Is Very Promising

From the date of birth, plastic waste plastic is concerned in society mainly because of the use of plastic in packaging, disposable packaging material produced large amounts of waste, especially plastic bags, bottles, causing the so-called white pollution. So recycling of waste plastics directly involved to protect the environment and save resources, is a major event in the continuing restrictions on plastic packaging to save resources and form energy saving society.


The world for treatment of municipal waste, including the earliest and most primitive method landfill, that is collected from a variety of urban and rural garbage compression in the barren desert to dig a pit, the compressed garbage buried in the soil , reinforced concrete masonry shop, to prevent harmful gas liquids into the soil, contaminating soil and groundwater, the formation of secondary pollution. Therefore, this must be some concrete pit, buried in the soil behind the pile of soil from the ground should be more than 2 meters deep, in order to grow fruit trees.


landfill waste

This method is now less and less due to the barren land resources, the price is more expensive, it has been eliminated by the countries in the world. The second approach to deal with the urban and rural garbage incinerators is generating electricity through the burning of waste gas recovery unit, wherein the acid gas collected, such as HCL, SO2, CO2, etc. as a chemical feedstock or NH3 water recycling into ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride, etc. fertilizer. Incinerator to burn the remaining solids can be used as agricultural fertilizer and pesticide use mixes. The third method is to sort out the plastics and rubber waste recycling. After the sorting out of thermoplastics, may be modified after the heating and melting molded article reused or recycled.


It should be noted, environmental damage of steel, paper, wood production is more 10 times than plastic, and the much higher energy-consuming than plastic. Therefore, the current work is to improve the environment by recycling waste plastics together, establish investment by the state or local recycling plants and research institutions. Like America, almost every state has a waste plastics recycling factory staff and research institutes, and achieved good economic and social benefits. US outset of special interest to its waste plastics recycling, in the 1980s the recycling of waste plastics in the United States has reached more than 35%.


In the 1970s, Eduard klob-bie company in Holland has developed a process mixed waste thermoplastics to manufacture products and systems with wood processing performance, which consists of an extruder, a few mounted on the turntable straight molds and large cross-section can type turret partially submerged cooling water bath. Extruder first softened thermoplastic mixture, and then, without screen or without extrusion nozzle to melt into the mold, the turntable rotates to fill after cooling, cooling water to release the plastic mixture is cooled and solidified, the molding equipment can production piles, bar, lath or other products, and raw materials, as long as thermoplastics 604, the rest can be 30% to 40% of impurities, including glass, paper, metal and other trash. Chinese annual used seawall, Lake Dam, Dyke, a huge number of piles on the embankment, Taiwan purchased from the plastic piles 4,000 yuan / ton, if we carry out, one can use a lot of mixed cities garbage, it also can save this expenditure. In fact, the development of hot cold extrusion production of waste plastic products such as plastic tub, plastic pails, agricultural latrines, etc., is also used to remove the filter plate filter, remove the head of the extruder, extruded thermoplastic melt mixing body, and then into the mold, the pressure in the hydraulic press or hydraulic hot press molding machine underride. At same time, Intco Greenmax produced EPS densifier and styrofoam compactor with a number of different hoppers, pre-crushers and sensors are available for all GREENMAX MACHINE to optimize work processes and adapt the solution to handle with waste foam.


waste styrofoam

According to the British modem plastics reports, and Clean water for the disc, PET bottle can be recycled, through research, even if used for more than 50 years of PC, the transparency of the various mechanical and physical had no effect on performance, using waste PC 50 years, without any signs of aging, can re-create CD and repeated sterilization of milk bottles to use. Recycling of waste plastics is a promising new industry.