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Waste Polystyrene Foam Is Widely Used In All Countries


Most of the waste polystyrene foam is a one-time use, tons of waste white trash were put into nature. They can not rot, transform and disappear naturally. On the one hand, white trash caused the serious environmental pollution, and On the other hand, polystyrene foam is valuable non-renewable resources. How to effectively recycle waste polystyrene foam has attracted widespread attention of national research workers.

polystyrene foam

Current methods for waste recycling polystyrene foam is to crush, melt granulation to become another material particles, and then processed into another material. For the proposed method of styrofoam recycling, common practice is to shred the plastic foam by crusher machine. Then process them by melting, bracing, cutting type, etc., Greenmax Recycling can solve the problem in the production of plastic granules. For example, such methods will completely crush the presence of raw materials, melting temperature control is even, which leads to high productivity.


Polystyrene foam can only be used one time, it caused a great burden to the environment, so the new recycling method has been imminent.

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Waste polystyrene foam is widely used in our daily life. It is often used to make a variety of disposable containers and disposable foam lunch boxes that needs to withstand high temperature of boiling water. Because of its water resistance, insulation resistance, insulation resistance, low moisture absorption and strong seismic strength, its light weight, rugged, easy to shape, low prices, is widely used in packaging, moisture, water, every heat, shock, decorating, catering and other fields, penetrate into all sectors of the national economy.