A sustainable way for the government to recycle waste foam in Oxford County

Waste foam has always been a headache for occupying 30% of the global landfill so that governments in some regions have been trying to reduce the landfill rate. According to Taylor Crinklaw, Woodstonians’s director of public works, 350 square metres of foam was diverted from Oxford County’s Salford landfill during the foam recycling project’s first year, so they will continue to use the foam compactor for recycling in 2021.

The one-year pilot project launched in 2020 is located in EnviroDepot of the city. Waste foam is allowed to be left in EnviroDepot's recycling box, while Second Wind, a company headquartered in St. Thomas, is equipped with mobile foam compactor for on-site compaction, which can reduce both the transportation and storage costs by 49 times and make recycling easier. In this foam recycling project, most of the recycling items were furniture and electronic products packing, and the recovered foam would eventually be transported to the manufacturer of environmental protection products.

In fact, during the project implemented by the government, the most important point is to choose a high-quality compactor that could not only meet the needs of daily production, but also not easy to break because the quality of a foam recycling machine greatly affects the user experience. Generally speaking, the amount of waste foam to be disposed of weekly is fixed, basically maintained at a numerical value. If the machine breaks down in the process of use, it will certainly delay the progress of processing and cause damage

GREENMAX foam compactor offered by INTCO Recycling is the right assistant for the government. Based on the feedback from the INTCO guests, a GREENMAX machine ten years ago is still in use on the market, let alone the GREENMAX foam compactor made after upgrading the manufacturing technology. In addition, all the GREENMAX machines can be moved on trucks. If you have more needs, INTCO can fully meet you, just leave a message on our website!