A Washington retailer brought in the foam recycling project to improve customer satisfaction

Many retail stores have a shelf dedicated to selling holiday decorations such as pumpkins for Halloween and decorative snowballs for Christmas. These are all made by foam and seem to be very convenient, you only need to buy in the supermarket then bring the festive atmosphere home.

The price of a Styrofoam pumpkin is around $ 8, but the real cost we are paying is gradually entering our horizons. Media reports and the rise of environmental movements are reminding us that foam pollution is causing an environmental crisis around the world. Costco, a large retail store, was boycotted by nearly 150,000 people, hoping to stop selling foam products.

Consumers' awareness of environmental protection has been strengthened, and whether the products are environmentally friendly has become a concern for them. A large retailer in Washington, DC, working with INTCO Recycling introduced a foam recycling project for this purpose.

INTCO recommended the foam densifier M-C200 based on the amount of foam waste in the retail store. This is a professional foam recycling machine that contains a hot-melt screw and can compress the foam waste at a ratio of 90: 1. The output of recycled foam ingot is convenient for retail stores to save storage space and improve transportation efficiency.

INTCO repurchase foam ingot is used to produce exquisite photo frames. Retailers can re-launch them as new products. Foam recycling not only improves the environmental protection of the products, but also realizes the real recycling of resources.