About the recycling closed-loop chain centered on Styrofoam compactor

INTCO Recycling has been committed to perfecting Styrofoam's closed-loop recycling chain since its inception. How to improve the efficiency of Styrofoam recycling while simplifying the Styrofoam recycling process, so as to increase recycling revenue? This is a problem that INTCO has been studying.

INTCO found that the key to solving this problem is that the Styrofoam material contains 98% air. As a packaging material, Styrofoam is shock-resistant and anti-falling. As a container such as a fish box, Styrofoam can be insulated and insulated. This is all related to the large amount of air it contains. This is the unique expansion characteristic of Styrofoam, which also leads to the extremely low efficiency of Styrofoam recycling. It takes up a lot of space in terms of storage. The Styrofoam waste filled with a truck is equivalent to being filled with air.

In response to the expansion characteristics of Styrofoam, INTCO has developed the Styrofoam compactor, a recycling machine dedicated to Styrofoam recycling. Styrofoam compactor is equipped with famous Siemens, Phoenix, Schneider, NSK to ensure great safety, reliability and durability. The machine is semi-automatic, simple and easy to operate, and requires very little manpower. After being put into Styrofoam waste, it is automatically crushed into foam by the rotating cutter, and then pushed by the cold pressing screw, and the high-strength compression of the hydraulic plate is used to produce the Styrofoam block, the volume ratio of Styrofoam waste is 1:50.

INTCO is also improving itself while improving the Styrofoam closed-loop recycling chain. INTCO, established for more than ten years, is not only a company that provides recycling solutions, but also a terminal manufacturer of Styrofoam block. INTCO will cooperate with customers who purchase Styrofoam compactor. The Styrofoam block produced by the customer can be sold to INTCO at market price, and INTCO will manufacture photo frames, mirror frames, skirting and other products.

The Styrofoam recycling project, which is environmentally friendly and profitable, has been INTCO's long-term goal and has achieved this goal.