Adopting professional machines to help improve the efficiency of polyethylene recycling

EPE stands for expanded polyethylene, also known as pearl wool. It is a kind of nun crosslinked obturator structure, which is a kind of high polyethylene foam product with low density polyethylene (LDPE) as the main raw material.

EPE material is especially important for the packaging of special products, such as precision instruments and cosmetics. Polyethylene is light in weight, soft in texture, good in heat insulation and water resistance, and it is often used in packaging as a protectant around goods. The foam is designed to provide maximum protection while minimizing the damage of materials during transportation.

The use of EPE material in packaging has created an alarming amount of waste in our landfills over the past few decades. EPE or EPS foam is comprised of 98% air, and is non-biodegradable, which means that it will not break down naturally and will be over there for hundreds or even thousands of years.

EPE foam is recyclable, however, many municipal recycling companies do not have facilities to deal with this material. Fortunately, there are facilities in the United States and Canada that accept EPE waste in their recycling programs.

Polyethylene recycling is always difficult due to the high elasticity, that means we need to reduce the volume before recycling it into other uses. In order to reduce the recycling costs, we will use professional compacting machine with motor to crush the EPE block into small pieces and then extrude the material to the molding head. With the screw compactor, the recycled EPE blocks will be tight like a stone, and will not scatter again.

Customers can also use the melting machine to recycle the polyethylene material, similar as the screw compactor, GREENMAX EPE densifier equipped with the crusher and two big motors will crush the loose foam into pieces and extrude through the screw with the heater to heat the material into dense ingots.

These two types of machines can effectively reduce the volume of polyethylene packaging, help you save transportation costs and make profits for your business.