Airpop recycling which is better known as Styrofoam recycling is becoming a trend recently


The airpop is not as commonly as the Styrofoam/EPS known by people. However, airpop recycling
Is becoming very popular since the beginning of 2017. It becomes a trend that many people want to follow. The airpop recycling industry is very mature in Europe especially in Eastern Europe.

Although there is difficulty in the process of airpop recycling, the profits are also very high. If you want to join in this recycling, you should have large quantities of Styrofoam includes home appliance packaging or fish boxes or clean food service packaging, etc.


The Styrofoam itself occupies large volume, so it is difficult for those who without any warehouses to collect and store the Styrofoam materials. Only if you are a home appliances manufacturer or fish processor.

For those who only want to be involved in the first step of airpop recycling, they just need to turn the bulky waste Styrofoam to small blocks or ingots which are convenient for storage and transportation. The blocks or ingots can be stocked on the pallets and sold to those who require these materials to reuse and make frame products or XPS insulation boards.


How to realize the first disposal step? People only need to find professional machines to dispose Styrofoam. GREENMAX from INTCO recycling is a Styrofoam recycling specialist. It can provide professional compactors or densifiers to dispose bulky Styrofoam. Although the recycling process of the two machines is different, both of them can effectively reduce the volume.

The compactor won’t heat during the process, and the Styrofoam/EPS creates the required heat itself through friction. It can reduce the foam volume by 50%. The recycling process of the densifier requires heating, which will produce a certain amount of gas, but the machine is equipped with exhaust pipe, and it will not affect the workers. It can reduce the foam volume by 90%.


More and more people in Europe are now using these GREENMAX machines to deal with Styrofoam. Moreover, some recyclers are also willing to sell the recycled foam blocks or ingots to INTCO, because INTCO is willing to provide good prices to buy back Styrofoam blocks or ingots to produce frame products. 

Airpop recycling industry currently not only is a trend in Europe, but in many other countries such as coastal countries are also very developed. Because the airpop recycling is an environmental and economic industry that is a worthy of your participation indeed.