American furniture dealers buy machines at INTCO but get more than that

For the first time, American furniture manufacturers use foam recycling machines to recycle foam packaging waste. Foam is a highly malleable material that furniture makers often use to pack large pieces of furniture to prevent damage.

The furniture company worked with INTCO Recycling, purchase the foam densifier M-C200 machine developed by INTCO and placed it in the factory warehouse. The waste generated from the daily packaging of the furniture will be piled up and then placed in the densifier machine by the workers.

The foam waste produced by the furniture store is calculated in tons per year. Before the introduction of the foam recycling project, the foam packaging waste will be transported to the landfill, waiting for natural degradation for nearly a hundred years. The person in charge of the furniture store said: "It is right to do this in the environment, and economically."

After being poured into the foam densifier, the Foam packaging waste is chopped by the machine's built-in cutter and then densified by screw hot-melt technology to produce foam ingot.

The furniture manufacturer purchased the foam recycling machine from INTCO and also received the INTCO buying foam ingot service. INTCO promised to the furniture manufacturer that it will buy back the foam ingot for the production of beautiful photo frames, giving the former foam waste a second life, rather than long-term pollution.

As the old brand recycling company in California, INTCO has the greatest advantage of being able to tailor the foam recycling project to its customers. For furniture dealers who use the recycling machine to recycle foam packaging waste for the first time, it is their surprise to be able to make profit from foam waste.