Are you still worried about the disposal of your Styrofoam packaging waste?

After the holidays, are you still worried about the disposal of your Styrofoam packaging waste? In Illinois, residents can use it from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. on Saturdays (the first Saturday of every month) at the Western Springs Recreation Center.

Styrofoam waste from packaging products has become a global pollution problem. Placed in landfills or not treated properly, Styrofoam is considered a non-biodegradable pollutant that can take more than 500 years to break down. So sending polystyrene waste to recycling centers must become a habit for residents and enterprises.

Many companies may still be paying to get rid of the Styrofoam packaging waste. But in fact, they missed an important opportunity. Styrofoam is a recyclable material and has high recycling value, if you start a new project for Styrofoam recycling, it will return you great profits and environmental value.

The most popular recycling method for Styrofoam waste is still mechanical recycling. For example, companies like INTCO recycling can supply you with specialized Styrofoam compactor, it is a screw compacting machine that can compress loose foam into dense blocks. The whole process is safe and efficient with high compression rate of 50:1, and recycled foam blocks will be sold to manufacturers of hard plastic products as phone cases. More importantly, INTCO recycling can also help you implement the recently popular mobile Styrofoam recycling model.

In addition to the development of GREENMAX Styrofoam recycling machine, INTCO recycling is also one of the largest manufacturers of frame products and decoration mouldings. We repurchase compressed foam blocks and pellets worldwide. INTCO recycling is committed to creating a recycling industrial chain model of Styrofoam compressing, recycling and reusing. INTCO recycling will become an expert in renewable resources recycling industry in the future.