Can EPS foam waste be effectively recycled in the UK

As one of the most efficient and cost effective insulating and packaging materials, EPS is widely used in many fields, including packaging, catering, logistics and fishing industries. Actually, EPS is recyclable and can be recycled throughout the UK and around the world.

The British plastics federation (BPF), an industry expert, has been working to improve its image and encourage the recycling of EPS. At present, more EPS recycling programs are carried out by enterprises that recycle the packaging of their products.

EPS contains more than 98% air, which makes it lightweight and bulky. The large foam boxes always take up a lot of storage and transportation space, so that is has been regarded as the most difficult material to recycle.

With the introduction of foam recycling machinery, the UK's polystyrene recycling industry has gained more profound development.

The fishing industry in UK is booming, which means lots of EPS fish boxes are being used and wasted, in order the prevent the waste of recyclable EPS resource, many fishing enterprises have to adopt GREENMAX EPS compactor for the large amount of EPS boxes recycling.

GREENMAX EPS recycling machine is also well known in other industries, EPS manufacturing and cutting industry are the most common industries that use EPS compactor for its foam scrap recycling. Usually these foam waste is compressed for reuse, granulation, or for sale. The enterprises also purchase compacted foam blocks from downstream enterprises for subsequent production.

At present, many terminal industries also begin to use EPS compressor start their EPS recycling business. Enterprises like furniture stores, logistics company and other plastic foam end-users are benefit from EPS recycling project.