Can EVA Foam Be Recycled

EVA is commonly known as ethylene-vinylacetate copolymer, is an extremely common material, is more common in everyday life, its finished products has good flexibilities such as shock-proof, non-slip, anti-stress and strong, as our common see, EVA slippers, shoes, EVA cell phone protective cover, EVA catheter.

What are uses of Eva materials?

One: EVA material can be used to make packaging films, gaskets, medical equipment, but also can be used as hot melt adhesives, cable insulation and so on.

Two: EVA material can be used to make household refrigerators conduit, gas pipes, construction building boards, containers and other household items and daily necessities.

Three: EVA materials are widely used in wireless binding books, digital products shell structure, furniture Edge, cars and household appliances assembly, footwear, carpet coatings and metal anti-corrosion coating.

Applications of Eva material

One: Because EVA material has strong flexibility, chemical resistance and good flexibility, so it has been widely used in a variety of footwear soles and interior materials.

Two: EVA material is featured by inclusive and cross-linking which other materials do not have, because of this performance, it applies to the halogen-free flame retardant cable, shielded cable semiconductors and two-step silane cross-linked cables, but also because such properties, are widely used in industrial and manufacturing supplies.

The industrial chain

The production process of EVA foam material includes granulation, blending and foaming. EVA resin will be processed into small enough granules, and then in accordance with a certain proportion, these particles blended with other additives, different formulations, can generate different EVA foam material.

Foam manufacturers then sold to EVA foam products manufacturer to produce application products, such as shoes. Scrap generated in the foam manufacturing process, also can be recycled and processed as renewable EVA foam.

Recycling of EVA foam is not only environmentally friendly, but also help enterprises to control and reduce production costs. Currently, the enterprises which grasp recycling EVA foam materials technology is small, in particular, the business which can produce stable quality of recycled materials is very small. INTCO GREENMAX recycling can collect and recycle EVA foam and reduce its volume so that it is convenient to transport and store.

EVA foam materials are widely used in footwear.