Canada's recycling campaign has drawn attention to polystyrene recycling


The Canadian council of environment ministers (CCME) is scheduled to have a meeting in Ottawa on Friday, 23 November, which aims to push Canada forward in the global plastics recycling war.


In Canada, less than 11% of plastic is recycled, and 90% will be burned, or end up in landfills, lakes, parks and oceans. Once entering the nature environment, plastic waste can contaminate ecosystems, kill wildlife and leach toxic chemicals.



Canada's recycling campaign has reminded countries around the world to pay more attention to plastic recycling. Is it possible that some of the highly recyclable plastic waste, such as polystyrene, can be better recycled?


In today’s online shopping era, we can’t live without polystyrene packaging. As packaging of various large-scale furniture and household appliances, and even for wines, porcelain bowls, fresh fruits and seafood, etc., polystyrene plays a role as impact-resistant layer to ensure the safe delivery of our commodities.



How to disposal of these large-size polystyrene packaging? If your community has polystyrene collection points or drop-offs, that’s great! But if not, don’t let it as a waste and finally end up in landfills, you need to find a recycling center. In fact, many stores and logistics companies already have their own recycling facilities. You only need to find relevant information online, and then take your polystyrene waste there, or ask the courier to take the foam packages away after installation. This is the most convenient way for local residents to recycle polystyrene.


For the companies who have already started their recycling business, they might equipped with professional polystyrene recycling machines. The well-known recycling machine in the industry is GREENMAX polystyrene screw compactor, which achieves 50:1 compression ratio with high efficiency. Moreover, the recycled polystyrene blocks can be sold to get extra income.



Not only Canada, all the countries around the world should get together to solve environmental problems, recycle polystyrene and recycle as much plastic as possible.