Canadian furniture manufacturer can provide better service to customers because foam recycling

In the Canadian furniture industry, the merchants began to launch home-installing services. When the furniture was installed, the workers would take away the foam packing trash to improve the user experience.

The user's product experience is rising, but the furniture dealers have added a new problem that needs to be solved. How to disposal foam packaging trash?

Foam was chosen as the best material for furniture packaging because of its expansion characteristics, but when it became a foam packing trash, it was difficult to store and transport because of expansion, which caused great inconvenience to recycling.

But when Canadian furniture companies found INTCO Recycling, it became easy to disposal foam packing trash. INTCO will recommend the foam recycling machine of the corresponding capacity according to the amount of the manufacturer's trash, such as a foam compactor with a capacity of 200kg/h.

The foam compactor A-C200 uses a screw technology that compresses the air content of the foam packing in a cold press to produce a high density recycled foam block.

Recycled foam block is not only convenient for stacking and storage, but most importantly can be sold as a commodity. INTCO promised its customers that it would acquire recycled foam ingot to use in producing picture frames. Of course, furniture manufacturers can also choose other terminal buyers.

Foam recycling can help furnituremakers better serve their customers, and the return of the foam messaging trash is no longer a waste, but a resource that can be profitable.