Choosing foam recycling and INTCO can greatly increase the recycling rate in the United States

Let's discuss the difference between foam recycling and the terms landfill foam waste.

Landfilling is one of the traditional methods of solid waste recycling. About 75% of the foam produced in the United States enters landfills every year. Pour into the garbage pit, only one step can solve a large amount of foam waste, saving manpower and easy to operate, the disadvantage is that it need take up to a hundred years to degrade, which seems to be no bad, some people think so.

But when we understand the following data, we may change our minds. If the Foam recovery rate in the US is increased to 75%, 44 million cubic yards of landfills will be released annually, and 1 billion gallons of oil will be saved. The recycled foam will be applied to all products such as clothing and park benches at a low price. The intermediate link can provide a large number of jobs, and the recycling industry will also develop tremendously.

The most important thing is that it is not difficult to change from landfill foam waste to foam recycling. A piece of foam recycling equipment can complete the transformation of the two.

For example, the foam densifier M-C50 produced by INTCO Recycling has a maximum output rate of 50 kg / h, but the compression ratio can reach 90: 1, which is equivalent to compressing an expanded cotton candy into hard stones. The compressed foam is called foam ingot according to the shape. During the recycling process, foam ingot greatly improved the efficiency of the warehousing and transportation links. In other words, the use of foam densifier not only reduces the volume of foam waste, but also reduces the cost of foam recycling.

This is not the end. Foam ingot is no longer a waste, but a renewable resource. Selling the foam ingot to the terminal market makes a profit. The terminal market turns the foam ingot into an exquisite picture frame, and then sells it. This is the recycling of resource regeneration.

Therefore, compared to landfilling foam waste, foam recycling is not only environmentally friendly, but also has high economic benefits. Why don’t we choose foam recycling?