Circular Economy: INTCO Recycling helps turn EPS waste into beautiful picture frames

EPS foam is recyclable and can be recycled to make beautiful picture frames and other products. The regeneration of EPS foam waste needs to go through processes such as collection, compression, and granulation, and finally used in the production of photo frame products. 

INTCO Recycling can realize the entire process of turning foam waste into photo frames, and provide you with a total solution for EPS foam recycling.
INTCO Recycling offers professional GREENMAX EPS recycling equipment to help companies develop foam recycling business. The GREENMAXA APOLO Series adopts cold pressing technology, which can reduce the volume of foam at a ratio of 50:1. Its advantages are high quality, safe operation and no pollution. The MARS Series EPS foam densifier, which has a higher compression ratio of 90:1, can make loose EPS foam into dense foam ingots. Its advantages lie in large capacity and high compression ratio, making it widely used in the EPS foam recycling industry.

INTCO Recycling is also one of the largest end users of EPS foam in the world. Every year, we purchase compressed foam blocks and ingots across the world in large quantities and sends them to its Malaysian factory, where these EPS waste will be made into high-quality PS pellets, and then shipped back to China for the production of picture frames, skirting boards, decorative moldings and other products.

INTCO Recycling is committed recycling EPS foam waste and developing circular economy. Our services include the supply of professional foam recycling equipment, foam waste procurement and picture frame sales. If you have any questions about EPS foam recycling, welcome to consult INTCO Recycling-the EPS foam recycling specialist.