Collection is important but still far from enough for Styrofoam recycling


Styrofoam takes more than a million years for it to break down in the environment. All of the time, people who litter are ignorant of how they are destroying the planet.

With the popularity of curbside pickup, people can recycle a lot of things, but not polystyrene, not Styrofoam. However, more and more Styrofoam is being used for packaging and carry-out. Hence, effective Styrofoam disposal ought to be carried out to keep it out of the landfill. 


On a Saturday morning in Jan. 16, 2018, members of Oswego Presbyterian Church’s Earth Care Team collected bags and boxes full of Styrofoam and polystyrene to take to a recycling facility in North Aurora. Kenneth Mozingo, a member of the Earth Care Team, said that the drive, one of the events sponsored by the group, has been offered at the church for three years. The team hosts the collection drive to safely dispose of unwanted or leftover Styrofoam and polystyrene items.

In the past 2017, the Earth Care Team collected an estimate of more than 140 cubic yards of foam for recycling.


As we all know, collection is one of the important steps for Styrofoam recycling, and what the Earth Care Team has done does much help to the recycling process. However, the truth is that, what they have done is far from enough.


As the Styrofoam is light and bulky with low density, the collection will therefore suffer a lot in that the transportation costs largely and storage takes up too much space. However, just by one machine, these two concerns can be eliminated.


GREENMAX foam recycling machines like compactors and densifiers are just the key to solve the mentioned problems. By reducing the foam volume at the ratio of 50:1, transportation cost can be saved and much storage space can be vacated. To practice Styrofoam recycling, you must make a wise choice.