Detailed steps for residents and businesses to carry out Styrofoam recycling

Styrofoam recycling is one of the measures to prevent Styrofoam from causing lasting pollution to the environment. In order to ease the pressure on the environment, governments in various countries are tightening environmental policies. From residents to businesses, the use of Styrofoam is subject to certain restrictions. With Styrofoam recycling, residents can make their living environment better, and businesses can ease the pressure on environmental policies.

So how do you do Styrofoam recycling?

First, are you a resident or a business? The first step for residents to perform Styrofoam recycling is to understand the local recycling-whether Styrofoam can be thrown into the roadside blue recycling. If you're in California, throwing Styrofoam waste into a roadside recycling bin ends the recycling mission. If you are in a place where Styrofoam waste is not allowed to be thrown into the recycling bin, then you need to wait for the monthly community Styrofoam recycling activity to bring the Styrofoam waste to the recycling point to complete the recycling.

And if you are a business, there are two ways for businesses to perform Styrofoam recycling: one is to cooperate with Styrofoam recycler, and the other is to recycle by themselves. Cooperation with Styrofoam recycler is very convenient. Styrofoam waste can be directly transported to recycler for processing. However, the light weight and large size of Styrofoam waste cause high freight costs. Therefore, there are also many merchants who are unwilling to pay high freight for a long time and start recycling Styrofoam on their own.

A Styrofoam compactor A-C100 can help a small retailer carry out the Styrofoam recycling project on its own. Throw the Styrofoam waste into the hopper mouth of the machine, and the Styrofoam compactor A-C100 will automatically cut and compress it to produce a high-density Styrofoam block.

For merchants, the most important thing for self-recycling is that Styrofoam recycling can be sold as a commodity. Some end markets, such as hangers, wood-like materials, skirting boards and other manufacturers will purchase Styrofoam block. In other words, if you recycle by yourself, not only can recycle Styrofoam waste, but also make a profit.

If it is said that environmental pollution is the responsibility of each of us, Styrofoam recycling is one of our most effective rescue measures, which is why residents and businesses need Styrofoam recycling.