Different numbers reprsent different plastic which is helpful for recycling


In our daily life, we often can see many numbers under the plastic products, which are used to help consumers and recyclers sort plastics in a better way, so that each plastic is properly distinguished and used when is ready for recycling. Although the system was originally intended only for recyclers, some local governments also require residents to pay attention to the amount of plastic. Plastic recycling numbers are crucial to ensure efficient and safe recycling of recyclable items.


For those who are not sure where to find plastic recycling numbers, it is usually located in an area that you are not conspicuous, such as the bottom, or perhaps a lower corner. It is usually distinguished by three arrows arranged in a triangular interior. The figures in the region will tell consumers, and recyclers more information about the type of plastic.

Plastic No.1, called PET or PETE, is made of Polyethylene Terephthalate. They are often used in soft drink bottles traditionally, which can not be installed acid or alkaline beverages or high temperature liquid. It is one of the most common types of plastic.


Plastic No.2 is HDPE, HDPE on behalf of high-density polyethylene. These plastic grades usually come in the form of milk jugs. However, juice bottles, water bottles and even garbage bags can made of this.

Plastic No.3 is called PVC. Because it can withstand chemicals, it often appears as shampoo bottles and detergent bottles. Of course, this is also the type of plastic used for PVC pipes. It is rarely recycled.


Plastic No.4 is called PE-LD or low-density polyethylene. This plastic recycling number is commonly used in food bags and squeezable bottles for products such as ketchup and mustard. Also, like No. 3 plastic, these are usually not recycled.


Plastic No.5 is PP, which is made of polypropylene. It usually comes in the form of ketchup bottles, plastic lids, straws. Although traditionally not widely accepted by recyclers, this situation is slowly beginning to change, and also have many recycling machines can deal with it.

Plastic No.6 on behalf of the plastic with polystyrene. This plastic polystyrene recycling number is often found on food containers, coffee cups and meat trays that pack meat at the grocery store. They are accepted by many recycling programs. Polystyrene can be recycled through GREENMAX recycling densifier.


Plastic No.7 is indicated by the letter O or the word OTHER. As the name implies, this plastic recycling number applies to all other types of plastic which include CDs and DVDs, and nylon or even sunglasses.