Do not let Styrofoam recycling programs pause during pandemic

During the severe pandemic, recycling programs were suspended in many areas, including Styrofoam recycling. This pandemic is a huge challenge for many industries. The regional governments should do better in medical protection and environmental protection.

At this particular time, many retail stores have closed or have opened only for government and specialty supplies. Recycling programs have also been suspended, with shops focusing on cleaning and hygiene. For example, the London drug agency has closed its recycling counters, where shoppers can recycle waste Styrofoam, soft plastic, light bulbs, batteries and wrapping paper.

In fact, Styrofoam recycling is also part of our cleaning work. As we all know, Styrofoam is light in weight and fragile, the broken Styrofoam usually flakes with the wind. These Styrofoam packages are in contact with many things and are likely to contain and spread viruses.

The best way is to compress Styrofoam waste directly from retail stores to shorten the flow of these Styrofoam packaging. Household Styrofoam packaging realizes on-site service, and these foam waste are taken away directly by specialized cleaning workers.

INTCO recycling offers professional Styrofoam recycling machine, including the screw compactor and Styrofoam densifier. These two types of machines have their own advantages, the Styrofoam compactor is environment-friendly and energy-saving, and the Styrofoam densifier has high compression ratio and easy to operate. You can choose according to your requirements, of course, we can also make ROI for you and meet your customized needs for the machine.

More importantly, we also buy back foam compression blocks for photo frames production. INTCO recycling has a complete Styrofoam recycling chain. We are very pleased to see that some of the enterprises have kept working during the pandemic, and we also hope that everyone can protect themselves while working, and we will work together for Styrofoam recycling.