Economic recycling project using PE foam densifier reverse push PE foam recycling

In order to cope with the consumption of fossil fuels and environmental pollution, research on foam recycling has never stopped. In recent years, PE foam related topics have frequently appeared in the public eye, but do you know it?

PE foam is a kind of petroleum-based plastic, and its raw material is mainly petroleum. It is often used as a product packaging, because of its high molecular weight, high hydrophobicity and high chemical bond energy, it is difficult to be degraded by microorganisms, thus causing long-term existence and accumulation in the environment to cause pollution. PE foam recycling can not only ensure its use, but also remove the pollution of PE foam.

The research difficulty of PE foam recycling lies in the expandability of PE foam. According to the recycling process, PE foam packaging waste is first compressed by the recycling machine. If you use a general foam compactor machine, the high expansion of PE foam will slowly rebound, that is to say, if the air content in PE foam cannot be completely extruded, it is difficult to recycle PE foam packaging waste.

California's INTCO Recycling, as a recycling expert, has extensive experience in the recycling field, uses PE foam densifier M-C200 to recycle PE foam. PE foam densifier is equipped with a rotating crushing knife, hot melt screw, and heating ring. It can completely squeeze out the air in PE foam by crushing and heating.

Finally, the recycled PE foam produced by PE foam densifier is similar to a solid brick, called PE foam ingot, also known as recycled plastic. PE foam ingot can become a raw material for hangers, park benches and other items. The PE foam recycling industry makes a profit by selling PE foam ingot, forming a recycling economic chain, and promoting the development of PE foam recycling.

The impact of the pandemic on our travel and work behavior has led to low oil prices and the price of new PE foam materials has fallen, which is not conducive to PE foam recycling, but this is not the reason to stop PE foam recycling, because PE foam waste It still exists.