EPE Foam Densifier Gives A Second Life to Waste EPE Products

EPE foam is widely used in the construction industry because of its high electrical and thermal insulation properties and chemical resistance. In recent years, the market for EPE foam has grown greatly. According to a report, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the global EPE foam market grew 5.24% year on year in 2020. Naturally the higher demand, the more waste. When people are facing the dilemma that how to deal with EPE foam, EPE foam densifier has entered in people’s eye-line.

As we all know, these traditional methods of landfill and incineration are always too destructive, and with the attention paid to the recycling of EPE foam, these methods are no longer accepted by people. At this time EPE foam densifier can realize the recycling of EPE foam and give it a second life. As mentioned above, EPE foam has high heat resistance, so it can keep its chemical structure in repeated hot melting -- this means that EPE foam can be melted into ingots through an EPE foam densifier, and then reprocessed into new products. That is, EPE foam can be reused.

Because of its lightweight, good chemical stability, wide range of uses, flexibility, and durability, EPE foam has the characteristics of moisture resistance, heat resistance, and electrical resistance, making it an ideal choice for residential and non-residential construction, oil and gas, and automotive industries. Whereas the existing raw materials of EPE foam cannot withstand such a large amount of consumption, but EPE foam densifier can recover 100% of EPE foam, which has made a great contribution to the environment and resource conservation. However, the number of companies offering EPE foam recycling services is very limited, resulting in very low global recycling rates. To prevent EPE waste from burning or being added to landfills, it is vital to melt down and recycle EPE foam. INTCO Recycling can provide a professional GREENMAX EPE foam densifier. Having concentrated on PE recycling for many years, INTCO can provide a satisfying solution to EPE foam recycling and customized EPE foam densifier service.

EPE foam recycling makes essence to the industry development and environmental protection. People cannot turn a blind eye to the importance of EPE foam recycling. The EPE foam densifier can give a second life to waste EPE foam. In the future, there must be a global trend of recycling EPE foam by EPE foam densifier.