EPS compactor is of critical help to the recyclable polystyrene


EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is a plastic foam used in many industries for a wide variety of reasons. Some delivery companies like the lightweight properties, some surfboard manufacturers prefer its buoyancy and some construction companies use it for its ability to insulate heat.



EPS has countless applications as it is quite attractive, which makes it not only perfect for the packaging and delivery industries, but also a key material in the design of bicycle helmets. In the music industry, many music studios have used EPS in their design, because it is a brilliant material for soundproofing. However, what about EPS recycling?



Among all the recyclable materials, EPS seems to be the most impressive with a perfect  weight-to-size ratio, consisting of 98% air. This lightness gives it the unfortunate ability to get picked up by wind like plastic bags, which means that it may ends up as litter, or finding its way into water sources, pollution the environment around us.



Fortunately, GREENMAX from INTCO is an EPS recycling specialist that it can supply best solutions. EPS compactor, a professional machine which can help reduce the foam volume at first at a ratio of 50:1. It will smash and then compress EPS material into blocks or ingots in order to make these compressed materials easy to store and transport. After that, the foam blocks and ingots will be used to granulate and then made into other plastic products, to realize the utmost value of recycling.



INTCO also has an framing factory that uses the compressed EPS to granulate and to make plastic frame products. This business has continued more than 20 years. If you want to be engaged, GREENMAX may be a best choice for you.