EPS densifier with easy operation and high efficiency can help avoid fire disasters and gain more benefits


Rigid closed cell polystyrene foam (EPS) panel is a widely used lightweight building material, which is widely used in the world, especially in the domestic market. However, the use of external thermal insulation materials especially EPS has attracted extensive attention from all the society. EPS (expanded polystyrene) is pushed to the tip of the wind and wave, and it is faced with a severe test.


In China, the use of EPS materials at the present stage can achieve the fire resistance of B2 and B1, but facing the national requirements of a class a combustibility, there are many challenges.


The situation in which EPS causes fire is that, when the EPS package is close to the fire source, fire is more likely to be caused. In the area affected by the fire, the surface will produce yellow orange flame which will then spread to the other parts of the package material. When undergoing softening, shrinkage, melting and dripping, the EPS package will form into large fire flows in the air and on the ground. At the same time, it will release a lot of heat, smoke and toxic gases, resulting in extremely dangerous scene and hard to remedy.


It is the presence of dangerous factors like this - the stacked EPS packages can easily lead to a horrible fire, thus to recycle EPS is quite important and necessary, at least it can avoid the horrible fire to a large extent.


Fortunately, not all because of the prevention of fire disaster, to recycle EPS can bring about unexpected benefits not only to us but also to the whole society.


The EPS densifier, a recycling machine which can divide the recycling process into two parts: crushing and melting. The crushing is to make the bulky EPS waste into small countless pieces and the melting is to make these EPS pieces into melted ingots. The EPS ingots will be put into a steel container for cooling and shaping, stored for granulation and then made into other plastic products, to finish the close-loop of EPS recycling.


Whether it is for the prevention of fire disaster, or for the purpose to gain much more benefits, the EPS densifier can always be the best choice for you with easy operation, labor saving, and higher efficiency.