EPS Depot Inc. -- A Professional Foam Manufacturer in Canada Contributed to Environmental Protection and Got Rich Returns by Putting GREENMAX Foam Densifier into Operation


EPS Depot Inc. is a foam manufacturer in Canada. Founded in early 2013, it has gradually developed into a large foam supplier of production, cutting and sales in Toronto. The main product is foam insulation material for building, providing raw materials support for the back-end builders.


In the daily production process, there will be lots of foam leftover materials on the foam cutting lines as EPS Depot will customize foam materials of different shapes and sizes for customers. These foam leftover needs to be recycled and reused. At the same time, some customers buy large EPS Blocks and then cut it by themselves. The foam leftover produced by them also needs to be recycled.


With the growing business and plant size of EPS Depot, more and more foam leftovers are produced and more and more customers needing foam recycling solutions. Therefore, finding a suitable foam recycling solution has become an urgent problem for EPS Depot since 2016.


When learning about EPS Depot's recycling problems, GREENMAX team visited several times to find out the details of their requirements. Soon after, a tailor-made solution was made by GREENMAX to turn foam waste into treasure through a foam densifier. First of all, the waste foam leftover will be crushed and melted into foam ingots and shaped into small cubes in a square model. Then the cubes were placed neatly on the tray, and GREENMAX bought them for dozens of cents a pound and arranged for trucks to pick them up at their doorsteps.


In early 2017, the GREENMAX foam densifier was officially put into use at EPS Depot’s factory, and in just a half year, EPS Depot took back the investment of purchasing this machine. Meanwhile, as EPS Depot can recycle the customer's foam leftover when delivering goods, the added value of its own services is invisibly increased. Their own sales of EPS Blocks have also been improved because of the operation of the foam densifier. The profit from the foam recycling is far more than saving the waste disposal fee and selling the melted foam ingots.


Now, EPS Depot is quite satisfied with the cooperation with GREENMAX and is willing to extend this model to all trades and professions in Toronto, Canada. It is hoped that more and more Canadian companies will make their own contributions to environmental protection and get rich returns.