EPS Foam Can be Completely Recycled And Reused

EPS foam is widely used in various packaging materials, but the recycling rate is relatively low and the recycle is not completely enough. For the past 15 years, the worldwide EPS industry has only recycled an average of 19 percent of post-consumer and 25 percent of post-industrial EPS. 
The reason is that in the past, the recycling methods such as incineration and landfill were unscientific, and it still exist now. 


Actually, with the technological innovation, EPS foam can be completely recycled and reused.
Using a GREENMAX foam recycling equipment to help recycle EPS foam completely is an environmentally friendly treatment. Once waste EPS foam is dropped-off to GREENMAX equipment, an onsite machine cuts the foam into small pieces, densifies it or compresses it into recycled EPS ingots. Recycled EPS foam can be reused in the manufacture of durable wood replacement products such as frames, PS molding, decking and construction products, it can also be used in the manufacture of new EPS foam.


In addition, the completely recycling and reuse of EPS foam is necessary.
It is energy-efficient. 
In the manufacturing and transport sectors, compared with wood replacement products, recycled EPS foam can reduce energy consumption by 70%, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50%, and create less waste. Meanwhile, due to most energy of EPS foam are included in the end product, after EPS foam is recycled, the energy will be included in new products. 
It is resource-efficient.
EPS foam recycling could greatly reduce oil consumption. Current amount of oil used in the manufacture of plastics accounted for only 3-4% of total oil consumption, and energy-saving effect of these petroleum processing plastics can be achieved up to several times of its consumption of resources.)


If EPS foam is recycled and reused, the recycling and reusing rate could even reach 100%.
Although some EPS foam on the land is easily floated into the ocean by the wind, waterways and beaches, these are actually avoidable problems by putting EPS foam into each recyclable trash. The plastics industry has been working with non-profit organizations, local governments and other industrial sectors to work together to strengthen waste reduction projects and EPS foam recycling career.

We work together and this world will be completely different.