EPS Packaging Materials should be Recycled to Reduce the White Pollution


At present, the "white pollution" caused by the EPS packaging materials have taken bad effects on the economic development and ecological environment. In order to solve the "white pollution" problem, the government and enterprises have done a lot of work. Someone encourages the customers to use less or do not use plastic packaging. Someone advocates using economic means, such as tax collection, to guide consumption. Unfortunately, such measures have little effect and make people feel inconvenient.


The modern society has been inseparable with the plastic, and in order to solve the “white pollution”, the producer should use good materials to replace the non-degradable EPS packaging and increase the recycling of waste plastic materials.


Nowadays, there are several ways to deal with the EPS packaging materials. First of all is recycling and reusing, and next is the resumption of raw materials or incineration to obtain energy, and the third is the implementation of landfill. Different recycling ways should be applied according to the different forms, quality and characteristic of the packaging materials. And the general principle is that it can not cause secondary pollution in the process of recycling and should make the most efficient recycling of the resources. So, the first method, EPS recycling, is the most useful ways to deal with the “white pollution”.


However, EPS packaging materials are commonly very large and difficult to transporting to the recycling place. So, we need a machine to compact this kind of materials first. GREENMAX APOLO Series machines are this kind of compactors, which can smash the waste EPS packaging materials into pieces by the blades and gears, and then it could be easily compressed into tight block with the ratio of 50:1. After compaction, EPS packaging materials can be reused to do other products, such as frame products and construction moldings.


So, recycling EPS packaging materials with this kind of compactor can help the recyclers save transport space and storage room, and can also be able to avoid more waste EPS materials being put into landfills or being burned, which can reduce the “white pollution”.