EPS recycling can be a good chance for you to make your own profits


Expanded polystyrene foam (EPS), commonly known as polystyrene foam is a lightweight plastic material consisting of small hollow spherical balls, widely used as a packaging medium. In the past several years approximately 36,000 tons of EPS was manufactured only in Australia.

During the same period over 900 tons of EPS was collected and recycled. EPS is uniquely recyclable and can be fully reprocessed, which diverts waste from landfill and helps reduce demand on petroleum from which polystyrene is derived. 


Despite in Australia, there are many other countries are also take part in the EPS recycling. However, the EPS recycling rate is only about 34%, this is far below the application rate. The reason why people think the EPS recycling is difficult is that most of them have no idea of how to recycle the items.

EPS is widely used as packaging in the home appliance and food service industry. Most of them appears in the bulky volume which is hard to manage and dispose. Many of them were usually sent to landfill or thrown away. This may lead to many environmental problems.


The first step of EPS recycling is to reduce the volume. The volume can be reduced by compactors or densifiers and then the compressed or densified EPS can be stocked on the pallets and sent to be recycled (granulation).

GREENMAX from INTCO recycling is an EPS recycling specialist that it can not only provide compactors and densifiers, but also can purchased back all the compressed or densified EPS to granulate and to make their own frame products. It has become a professional EPS end-users for more than 20 years, it makes them become the NO.1 in the recycling industry in China.



GREENMAX is an American brand that it has a factory in China, so if you have interest in EPS recycling business, you can spare your time to take a visit and it is believed that you will be impressed and eager to join the EPS recycling to help protect the environment and the world’s resources, and of course to make your own profits.