EPS recycling has gradually gained its popularity in the seafood market

In 2020, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, many businesses were affected during this period, but for the food and seafood industry, as the backbone of human life, food supply and distribution can proceed normally. As a leading company in EPS foam recycling industry, INTCO Recycling also insisted on providing consultation on EPS recycling projects and foam scraps recycling services for seafood industry during the epidemic.

Recently, we have received frequent inquiries from the Northwest European region about the recycling of used EPS foam fish boxes. As end-users, fishermen have many options for handling fish boxes, such as letting recyclers take them away or sending them to local recycling centers. So what motivates seafood distributors to seek foam packaging recycling solutions?

Under the special circumstances of the epidemic, the handling of fish boxes becomes a burden. Recyclers cannot take these used foam fish boxes in time. If a large amount of accumulated foam waste is not effectively processed, it will occupy a large area of the fishing market, incur storage costs, and even affect normal working efficiency.

This is just one of the reasons. The real reason for the promotion of EPS recycling is that more and more end users are beginning to recycle EPS foam waste by themselves, and even start foam recycling business. On the one hand, more companies realize that EPS is recyclable, and on the other hand, it also allows them to see the benefits and profits in EPS foam recycling.

For EPS recycling in the seafood distributor industry, INTCO Recycling will help you choose the right type and capacity of foam recycling machine from the EPS waste source, amount, types and other aspects. In addition, we also provide recycling services. Whether you use our GREENMAX equipment or not, INTCO is willing to recycle the compressed EPS foam blocks at a good price. We can provide you with a complete set of EPS recycling solutions to solve customers’ worries.