EPS recycling is a trend due to the application of GREENMAX machines


EPS recycling is a trend across Europe. The concept of a circular economy is compelling and promotes recycling in all areas of life around the world. At present, the recycling of EPS waste is becoming more and more important.


However, how to recycle EPS effectively is a major problem. Many recyclers believe that EPS recycling has high cost and low profit, so they refuse to accept EPS material in their recycling points. But in the long run, EPS is recyclable and has high recycling value in the industry.


According to the recycling advice of INTCO recycling, the EPS recycling specialist, EPS recycling needs professional machines. Using GREENMAX foam densifier can greatly promote the recycling process and make profits.


One of the main problems of EPS recycling is that it is light and bulky. This allows the transport of large quantities of EPS waste to occupy large storage spaces. Actually, you can break them up into small pieces, then crush, compact and densify them as much as possible. Finally the recycled foam ingots can be sold to earn money.


GREENMAX EPS densifier helps you compress loose foam at a ratio of 90:1, making it easier to transport and recycle. The machine adopts hot melting technology, the operation mode is very simple. Under our PCL standard mode, you only need to open the motor and other switches, and then feed the EPS waste into the hopper at a relatively balanced speed, the automatic smashing system will cut these EPS panels into small pieces and eventually you will get dense EPS ingots.


INTCO recycling is committed to building a complete EPS recycling system, and we are willing to help more enterprises to achieve their EPS recycling business.