EPS Recycling Is The Better Solution To Dispose Of Styrofoam Packaged Containers


Although the number of cities plan to enact a legislation to stop using styrofoam packed products has increased,compared to the supporting areas, it still accounts for a quite small part, considering the economy cost and available substitutes, most insiders insist that recycling styrofoam disposal is a more effective way solution.


According to an industry report, it is estimated that current substitute for styrofoam would cost an estimated at $91.3 million every year. When we spend $1 on EPS packed containers, replacing packaging cost will be $1.94, which will force manufacturers to divert the manufacturing cost to customers finally undoubtly.


In the fish processing industry, shipment and storage are the important factors to the selling profit, EPS material has great performance in shockproofness, preservation and insulativeness, there is no available substitute can replace EPS packed containers.


As it turns out GREENMAX EPS compactor can realize the EPS recycling program into a closed-loop circled economy, this is to say that all the collected EPS foam disposal can stay in the factory, when people ship the collected foam waste to the factory.


As long as the local factory is equipped with EPS screw compactor, then those foam wastes can be directly crushed into small pieces and finally can save 50 times of its previous volume,thus transportation and storage cost will be greatly reduced.


The compacted eps scrap can be sold back to Intco, which is committing to plan and offer a complete solution to polystyrene recycling service.This is not only keep developing modified advanced Eps screw compactor, but also includes reusing the densified eps ingots to manufacture new eco-friendly products, such as photoframe products,ballpoint pens and clothes hangers.


Last but not least, EPS recycling should be greatly promoted, since we only have recycled less than 20% of the recyclable EPS disposal, which means we have great space to make progress in this area and creating more interests from recycling industry.