EPS recycling requires the efforts and cooperation from all aspects


Expanded polystyrene(EPS) turns out to be a valuable item when it is used, but when it comes to recycling, many regions choose to ban it due to the heavy burden that EPS bought to our environment.


Currently, EPS will not be recycled to any significant extent in the United States. State, county or municipal recycling facilities have no formal procedures to deal with EPS waste, which takes up large space and causes other environmental problems if dumped in landfills.



According to the fact that EPS is 100% recyclable, there must be solutions to minimize landfill problems. However, if this is to be achieved, it involves not only product producers, but also retailers, consumers, representative organizations and even the government. EPS recycling requires the efforts and cooperation from all aspects.


EPS usually not brings high profits in recycling, so many companies, local authorities and individuals may not consider the importance of EPS recycling.


EPS occupies space in landfills where it will remain for hundreds or thousands of years. So landfill is only suitable for some organic materials, not for EPS. The most obvious benefit of EPS recycling is the reduction of garbage in the land and ocean. EPS, which is free from oxygen, sunlight or water, stays indefinitely. That is why many cities are trying to find effective ways to recycle EPS waste.



The solutions, as in the case of recycling EPS, are not always easy. In addition to local policy support and improved awareness of recycling, EPS recycling also requires professional machines.


As an EPS recycling specialist, INTCO offers different types of machine for EPS and other foam waste recycling. There are compacting and melting machine that special for different forms of EPS recycling. The high volume reduction ratio is key to simplify the recycling process of EPS waste. With the melting ratio of 90:1, GREENMAX EPS densifier is more popular in many regions in America and Europe.



Recycling EPS can not only help reduce environmental pollution, but also prolong the life of EPS waste. Therefore, it is preferable to recycle EPS materials to make other products. That is what we can do for EPS waste.