EPS recycling tends to be a prospective industry for a great demand


In North America, the demand for EPS keeps an increasing trend in accordance with the growth in packaging, and the automotive, annual growth rate raises up to 4.5% in terms of its application.
In emerging market including Brazil and India, the national governments also takes to increase the costs on improving manufacturing industry such as packaging, construction and automotive industry because of growing population and urbanization.


As a tool for improving safety and keeping the freshness during transportation, usage of expanded polystyrene is expected to remain growing demand.

The truth is that, EPS is a low-density polymer, capable of providing excellent moisture resistance, good chemical barrier protection along with the light weight characteristics. It can be used in a wide range of different applications. Its market value is likely to rise to more than $15 billion by 2020.


It’s worthy to be mentioned that, EPS is often used for coffee cups and takeout containers, but the packaging material is rarely recycled. As a result, it is often dragged to landfill or swept into waterways. It will cause a harmful pollution to environment as it is undegradable. Many people have tried EPS recycling but in vain, for fear that the cost of transportation and warehouse is unaffordable.

In reality, there is eps recycling machine that can handle waste eps by processing them into densified eps brick and then be made into products such as frames and toys.

GREENMAX is an international EPS Recycling specialist registered in the USA. In the past ten years, GREENMAX has developed different kinds of EPS recycling machines, including EPS screw compactors and thermal densifiers. GREENMAX recycling machines have now increased the functions of metal and gravity seperation. In the near future, more functions will be developed all for the sake of different needs of customers’ needs.