EPS Screw Compactor Gives A Hand To Styrofoam Recycling In Bottled Beverage Delivery


With the rapid development of logistics, not only young generation, but also aged people group has become crazy about shopping online, because it’s cheap, you can have various choices and it will save much of your transportation fee if you want some items which are not near you, you have to either give up on that or travelling all the way to buy it.


Nowadays, even bottled beverage can be shopped online, that’s why courier services company is thriving too, but delivery of liquid bottled package has brought much more EPS waste in our daily life.


No matter you take air, sea or automotive transportation way, bottled beverage will be labeled as fragile item, and they will be packed in Styrofoam layer by layer, and once customers received their items, they will litter the packed Styrofoam without hesitation, which is such a  bad living habit.


EPS is the abbreviation of "Expanded Polystyrene". The EPS foam, commonly known as "foam" or "styrofoam". It is a kind of white foamed plastic. This kind of material is heated by steam to expand polystyrene, the features of this EPS foam packaging product are insulative, lightweight and waterproof, which greatly enhances the practicality of people’s life.


As eps foam packed products are usually bulky and lightweight in use, so the recycling and utilization of EPS has received special attention across the whole world, and it is also very urgent according to environmental organizations.


GREENMAX recycling is a specialist in styrofoam recycling by offering advanced eps screw compactor which can cut down the size of foam disposal to 50 times with hydraulic technology, and 90 times with hot melting technology.


Therefore, we highly recommend you to collect your household Styrofoam disposal into a recycling bin on the curbside, and they can be processed with GREENMAX Styrofoam compactor into densified blocks and then granulated into PS pellets, which can be reproduce plastic frame products, giving the second life to those Styrofoam waste.