Finding an effective way for PE foam recycling

What do you know about PE foam?

PE foam is made of low density polyethylene resin with a physical foam that produces a large number of individual bubbles. It is one of the advanced protective materials in the packaging field. PE foam has high flexibility and is has different colors in appearance. Because it is completely independent of bubbles, it is light, flexible and can be bent. As a result, it overcomes the weakness of ordinary polystyrene foam which is fragile, deformed and restorable.

The applications of PE foam material

Polyethylene has a wide range of uses, making it an ideal product for many projects. Polystyrene is known for its use in cups and thermal insulation materials, however, polyethylene is also widely used in our lives, from packaging and flotation equipment to masonry supplies and shock absorbers.

Polyethylene foams are made from heated polymer compounds with antistatic properties that help package, process and transport sophisticated electronics by giving off electrostatic charges that can form and damage components. Polyethylene rolls are made of very thin material. This flexibility allows it to be used as an insulating material wrapped in pipes, as a seal between foundations and as a sill in buildings, or as a bag or bag to protect cargo while minimizing space and weight.

Is PE foam recyclable? how to recycle it?

For some large recycling plants, PE foam manufacturers and recycling centers, professional PE foam densifiers are absolutely required. In order to effectively handle large amounts of polyethylene waste, GREENMAX has designed Mars series PE foam densifier. The foam is put into the machine, then broken into small pieces and blown into the bag. After the extruding process, loose PE foam will become dense ingots with a compression ratio of 90:1, which can greatly facilitate transportation and storage.

The PE foam densifier offered by INTCO recycling can dispose both PE foam sheet and PE foam rolls. It has feeding ports at the upper and lower ends, specially designed for different shapes of PE foam disposal. With the application of GREENMAX, you will find an effective way for PE foam recycling.