Foam containers recycling by GREENMAX recycling machines can do much help to resource saving and environment protection


Every day, the foam containers are in great demand in the seafood market as the seafood has been playing to the gallery. Actually, it is a unique packaging material named expanded polystyrene (EPS), also known as Styrofoam, to keep the seafood frozen by ice water. It functions as the perfect material for the seafood container because the foam container are cold-resistant and can easily prevent water from leaking out.

However, the crucial problem is that, as non-degradable material, the foam containers can only be used once and most of them would be buried in the landfill, causing much harm to our environment. According to that, foam containers recycling must be paid enough attention to by all of us.


Due to the unique characteristics of being bulky and light of foam products, GREENMAX has specially designed recycling machines, such as APOLO series compactors and MARS series functioned as foam densifiers. Both of these two kinds of machines can smash and then compress or heat the numerous waste foam containers into blocks or ingots in order to make them easy to be stored and transported, which, as a result, can perfectly finish the most critical step of foam containers recycling.

Continuous efforts have always been taken by GREENMAX to the improvement and innovation of the recycling equipment. According to what is expected by our customer and combined with the unique designation by our engineering teams, the GREENMAX recycling machine can be added with a long narrow conveyor for material delivery and two large silos for storage. Besides, large improvement has been made in the Irons Prevention and Gravity Separation.


As a loyal partner, GREENMAX will be always trying to do practical things in the recycling industry.