Foam densifier can respond to the call of “Greenpeace”


On July 14th, 2017, the Ministry of environmental protection informed that, by the end of June, 176,000 enterprises in 28 cities in Tianjin and surrounding areas have been found belonging to unorganized and polluting enterprises. The ministry said, those enterprises which cannot upgrade and reach the standard emission will close down before the end of September. 



At the same time, according to the Malaysia Chinese newspaper, after a field investigation of 30 beaches in Scotland organized by Environmental Protection Organization in the action of “Greenpeace”, investigators found that waste plastic products had polluted each sand, causing much damage to the living environment of seabirds, sharks, seals and whales.



As China News Service reports, according to the estimate of “Greenpeace”, by 2050 in Britain, 99% local seabirds will swallow a certain degree of plastic waste, at that time in the sea, there will be much more plastic garbage than the sea fish and more than 600 different species will be in danger.
In order to curb such terrible things, at the same time of ocean clean-up protection, the waste foam is very important to dispose. We can no longer discard foam waste casually in landfill, and it is hardly possible to put an end to it. Thus the only and best solution is to recycle the foam.



Foam densifier, now can be considered one of the most professional machines to recycle waste foams. Such a machine can smash the bulky foam into pieces and then reduce the foam volume by melting. Dramatically, the ingots after melting can be much smaller. Such a step is mainly to finish the volume reduction, and the next step the foam ingots will go through is what we called granulation.



GREENMAX recycling, a world well known American brand, can realize the whole process of foam recycling, the thermal densifier it offers can work at a ratio of 90:1, after the foam reduction, the ingots will also be made into other plastic products, such as photo frames made by INTCO itself. So, we say that GREENMAX recycling, undoubtedly, can be referred to as the NO.1 that can realize a close loop of recycling.
About foam recycling, about environmental protection, you are not alone, and we believe there is strength in numbers, as GREENMAX is always in preparation.