Foam recycling assists Illinois manufacturers to increase their business value

Recently, Illinois savvy manufacturers have found a way to add value to their businesses. This method sells the waste materials in production as commodities, not only does not increase costs but also saves production costs. That is foam recycling.


At present, the online market in various regions of the United States is in the stage of vigorous development. For all kinds of manufacturers, whether office products manufacturers or building materials manufacturers, foam is an indispensable material in the process of manufacturing and transporting products. In the past, manufacturers used to send the waste foam to landfills after they had finished using foam. However, with the gradual increase of landfill fees, everyone began to look for new ways. Foam recycling assists to avoid the high cost of landfill, and enable manufacturers to make money from it.


How do manufacturers increase the profit from foam recycling?
Generally speaking, a foam recycling machine is needed. This is a fixed investment, as long as you invest a sum of money, you can get permanent income. Many enterprises are hesitant because of the price of machines, but it is cost-effective. Now the cheapest foam recycling machine on the market is about $27000, and a ton of ingots is about $600, while the landfill fee of a ton of garbage is $70. Therefore, you can quickly extrapolate that the investment cost would be covered when you have 40 tons of waste.
In addition, you can produce profits by collecting foam from other companies. And you don't have to worry about transportation because GREENMAX machines offered by INTCO Recycling can be moved on trucks. When your machine is idle, you can go to all parts of the city to provide recycling services.


By the way, if you have enough space, these ingots can be stored there. And you can wait until the market price rises before selling them. INTCO Recycling not only sells machines but also recycles ingots at a high price. So you don't have to worry about anything. Just leave everything about foam recycling to INTCO.