Foam recycling is of great importance to the marine environment and our living planet


The ocean is of great importance to us, not only to provide us with fresh water resources, but also to improve the climate of the earth, it is an essential part of the natural circulation system, and that is why we must protect the marine environment in any case.

But the fact is that the plastic foam wastes we make, without applying foam recycling, will have to go into the sea in all sorts of ways, and eventually go back to our bodies through the food chain.

Unless you don't eat or drink, it's hard to escape. In China alone, there are at least 400 million pieces of takeout every week. What does that mean? 400 million boxes, 400 million plastic bags, and 400 million disposable tableware.


After enjoying the meal, the "lucky" garbage will enter the garbage incineration or landfill, and the other will enter the sea in various forms. The problem is: the degradation cycle of each plastic bag needs at least 470 years.


Last year, the capacity of some big cities is saturated. These cities are overwhelmed and taking to advance secretly by an unknown path. That is to transport and dump these garbage into other cities.


A data from the Ministry of housing shows that our city's municipal solid waste has exceeded 80 tons. More than 2/3 of our city is surrounded by garbage, and 1/4 of the city has no suitable place for garbage dumps, where the expropriation takes up a total of 800 thousand acres of land.


When the land cannot contain so much garbage, "smart" people naturally aim at the ocean, about 8 million tons of plastic is poured into the ocean every year, and China accounts for about 1/3. At this rate, it won't take ten years for 1KG heavy fish to be surrounded by 330g garbage. By 2050, the total amount of trash in the oceans will exceed the total weight of all fish.


Such a vicious circle to dump the trash, sooner or later, our earth will be filled up and overwhelmed.

We should strive to find the most favorable solutions, such as applying plastics melting machine, etc., for a variety of plastic recycling to protect our planet.