Foam waste is no longer a problem in our recycling system

If the foam waste is mistakenly placed in a common recycling bin at home, it can easily break down into small pieces. Waste foam cannot be sorted in recycling facilities and can contaminate other recyclables.

Foam (primarily EPS, expanded polystyrene, often referred to as polystyrene foam) has become an important source of waste for many manufacturers and distributors, but fortunately, the material is recyclable.

Foam recycling has gradually developed into a business. The recycled foam block is the raw material of many foam products. The case of your computer may be made of polystyrene foam, as well as the housings of things like hair dryers, TVs and kitchen appliances like your fridge and microwave. There are also many other toys, surfboards, food trays and fragile items packaging that made of polystyrene foam.

INTCO recycling says it has developed efficient and cost-effective ways for businesses to recycle polystyrene to eliminate excess waste foam, which is a by-product used to make and cut foam.

INTCO recycling offers complete foam recycling and reusing line. We can provide professional GREENMAX foam densifier for waste foam compacting and melting, making loose foam waste into dense blocks. The recycled foam blocks or ingots can be sold to foam products manufacturers for new foam products production. As a frame products manufacturer, we also purchase back the recycled foam blocks to support our factory production. Customers do not have to worry about the sale of compressed foam waste.

With the application of GREENMAX foam densifier, foam waste is no longer a problem in our recycling system. If you are doing a foam recycling business, you can realize turning waste into treasure.