Get the function and operation method of GREENMAX Styrofoam compactor

Styrofoam compactor is a recycling equipment for compressing waste foam #6 based on the principle of pressure generated by spiral rotation. Its function is mainly to reduce foam volume and increase density, which is beneficial to the recycling and reuse of Styrofoam waste.

Is the Styrofoam compactor easy to operate? How to use Styrofoam compactor correctly?

Prepare before use

1. Check whether the mechanical and electrical parts of the equipment are normal before starting up;
2. Operate the equipment according to the instructions on the operation panel;
3. Debug the equipment;
4. Set equipment operating parameters;
5. After completing various tasks, the Styrofoam compactor is running, and the foam waste feeding equipment is used to compress the loose Styrofoam items into blocks through the crushing-compacting-extruding system.

Styrofoam compactor user guide

1. Collect Styrofoam material and clean up the label paper stuck on it;
2. Put the foam waste into the hopper of the compactor;
3. The compactor automatically breaks the foam material and compresses the foam;
4. The result is that 5kg/m³ foam is compressed into foam blocks with a density about 250kg/m³.

The Features of GREENMAX Styrofoam compactor

1. The density of the compacted foam block is higher, reaching about 50 times of the original loose foam waste;
2. The Styrofoam blocks are easy to be cut off, stored and stacked after compaction;
3. Comes with a crusher, and can be equipped with conveyor belt and silo to improve work efficiency; 
4. Low energy consumption, cold pressing, no odor, no pollution; 
5. Different sizes of feed opening sizes are available;
6. Using well-known brand spare parts, reasonable price, high return on investment.

GREENMAX Styrofoam compactor is now widely used in the foam recycling industry, to master the function and operation skills of professional equipment is a necessary for workers in the recycling industry.