Get the polystyrene recycling policies in different countries and regions

As we all know, the recycling rate of polystyrene in different countries is not the same. Like other industries, polystyrene recycling is affected by regional market factors, and one of the main factors causing these differences is policy.

The polystyrene recycling rate in Japan ranks among the top several in the world, mainly due to the local garbage classification and waste management policies. At present, the waste recycling industry in Japan is quite mature. Therefore, many recyclers have seized the policy opportunities and began to vigorously develop the polystyrene recycling business. Similar regions include British Columbia, Canada, and some countries in Western Europe. Therefore, INTCO Recycling’s partners are mainly recyclers in these countries.

However, in the United States, the polystyrene recycling policy is not very strong, so few recyclers are willing to accept polystyrene materials. Disposal of polystyrene waste by the Waste Management Company usually requires a fee and is not an economical way. Therefore, some recyclers began to consider recycling polystyrene themselves. Supermarkets, logistics companies, and furniture stores are expanding their polystyrene recycling business now.

Polystyrene waste in Australia can be landfilled but not incinerated, mainly because of the vast land area in Australia, and landfill is still the main treatment method. However, landfilling is usually paid, so the waste polystyrene recycling from commercial sources is easier to promote.

Europe has a high population density but relatively advanced technology. The polystyrene processing method is usually to convert new energy sources, such as incineration for power generation. However, the air pollution caused by incineration is inevitable. Recycling can also achieve polystyrene regeneration. Why not choose to recycle polystyrene?

In short, polystyrene recycling needs to follow the strategy of one country, one policy. We need to make specific analysis based on the regional market situation, so as to provide professional polystyrene recycling machine and formulate a reasonable policy for polystyrene recycling.