GREENMAX Can Help People Dispose EPS Packaging Successfully


As we all know, EPS are widely used as food containers, disposable cups and packaging materials. In terms of packaging materials, EPS is suitable for the storage and transportation of fragile and valuable materials such as alcohol, high-end electronic products and chemical products. What's more, its unique shock absorption properties make it an ideal choice for fresh vegetables, fruits and seafood.


There are three main reasons why people choose EPS as packaging materials. Firstly, EPS is 98% air making it the lightest packaging materials. Therefore, it is easy to transport and carry. Secondly, EPS is able to absorb high levels of energy when dropped or subjected to impact. Thirdly, its strength and durability remain completely unchanged even when in direct contact with water.


We can see the benefits of EPS as packaging materials. However, people usually ignore the problem it may bring when enjoy the value of EPS. Environmental problems are always a headache. And the abandoned EPS packaging materials can be a big disaster to our environment without correct dispose. And it was reported that post-consumer EPS recycling rate grew to 35% by 2013. Therefore, EPS recycling has a lot of room to grow.


Fortunately, there are a lot of machines which declare that they can handle EPS packaging materials. GREENMAX is one of specialists in disposing EPS. With easy operation, people can just put the abandoned EPS packaging materials in the conveyor belt. And then EPS compactor GREENMAX can cut them into small pieces in few minutes. And the compacted EPS can be sold out and further manufactured to new products, such as CD, photo moldings and so on.


In addition, there are some successful cases about GREENMAX. For example, a Japanese company leading in plastic material recycling applied customized GREENMAX for food trays recycling successfully. It is hoped that EPS compactor can help people dispose EPS efficiently in order to achieve circular economic development.