GREENMAX foam densifier can handle many recycling problems in storage and transportation


Recycling also up following holiday festivities and gift giving.

Christmas is a time of giving, but the week following is a time of tossing. Right after Thanksgiving and Christmas, the peak volume is in spring after spring cleaning.

Over the past six years, the 280 to 300 tons of trash delivered to the landfill on a typical day increased by up to 10 percent — or close to 30 tons — per day in the week following Christmas. That comes to about 200 tons of additional trash for the week.


Among all the trash, the biggest jump is in Styrofoam. Tellingly, it wasn’t just toy and electronics boxes in the cardboard recycling, but many moving boxes like Styrofoam packages. As for Styrofoam disposal, part of the job at the landfill is getting trash out of the recycling.


The normal Styrofoam recycling process is to collect these waste foam together and pile them up in the warehouse. Then after being transported to a certain recycling center, they will be collected for centralized treatment. The trouble is, too much accumulation will cause a fire as the Styrofoam is flammable. What’s more, as the Styrofoam material is bulky and light with a low density, the transportation of which is quite high.

To properly handle these recycling problems, suitable recycling machine is in urgent need such as foam densifier. Such a densifier can be a hot melting machine produced by GREENMAX, American No. 1 brand among recycling industries.

For one thing, the GREENMAX foam densifier can solve the storage problem by reduce the foam volume at a ratio of 90:1. For another, by volume reduction, the transportation cost can be cut by a large margin.

There is no doubt that GREENMAX is of great importance to recycle and reuse waste Styrofoam materials. With this recycling equipment, many of the Styrofoam products will no longer be stacked everywhere and the environment will be protected to a large extent.