GREENMAX is of great importance to Styrofoam recycling not only for making full use of existing resources, but also for developing circular economy


In China, the demand for Styrofoam is around 1.5 million tons per year and even more in the worldwide, with an increasing rate of 10% per year. As Styrofoam is a disposable application, bulky and with small density, so it is non-degradable and easy to cause waste. Moreover, the waste Styrofoam itself will pollute the groundwater with its toxic chemicals, which is called White pollution.


However, the conventional solutions such as burial and incineration can not only produce secondary pollution but also waste resources. Hence, Styrofoam recycling is extremely necessary, not only for making full use of existing resources, but also for developing circular economy.


Fortunately, great progress has been made to the recycling technology. Considering that the white pollution is getting more and more serious, governments has also attached great attention to the recycling and utilization of Styrofoam.


GREENMAX from INTCO, a recycling specialist, has a variety of recycling machines such as foam compactors and densifiers, which can help recycle the Styrofoam for the first step. These machines can smash and then compress or heat the Styrofoam material into blocks or ingots in order to make these compressed or melted materials easy to store and transport. What’s more, the foam blocks and ingots can be used to granulate and then made into other plastic products, to realize the utmost value of recycling.


GREENMAX is of great importance to Styrofoam/EPS disposal, to recycle and reuse the waste materials. With this recycling equipment, it is obviously that many of the Styrofoam products will no longer be stacked everywhere and recycling seems to be the most environmental solution.